Saturday, September 3, 2011

We are judged by our intentions


Many of us are missing out on opportunities every day. It's as if someone was willing to pay us $20/hour for simply living our lives, and we're say "no, thanks". God judges us based on our intentions, right? So even something so simple as keeping in touch with a friend or hanging out with your parents can be rewarded by Him, if our intentions are on point. i.e. if you're going out for coffee with your mom because it  would please Allah swt, then inshallah you will be rewarded for it. If you're trying to eat healthy because you want to protect the gift of health that He has given you, inshallah you will be rewarded for it. The key here is remembrance, reminding yourself that what you're doing is to please Him and not yourself. Alhamdulilah when we try to please the Most High, we often lead much happier lives, lives with purpose.

At first it's difficult to remember to constantly renew your intentions, but subhanallah when you do remember why (and for Whom) you're doing the things you do, it gives you motivation to fulfill these tasks. For instance, I'm sometimes too lazy to get up and pray. I keep postponing it because I know I still have x hours before the next salah; but when I remember that it would please Him to pray now rather than later, I usually get up and do it. It's something we're always aware of in the back of our minds, right? I mean we obviously pray to fulfill our obligations to Allah swt, but the problem is keeping it at the back of our minds when it should be right up front and centre.

If we try to be more conscious of our purpose here on Earth, these small and constant reminders will not only bring us rewards from Allah swt, but will also serve us with more reason for doing the things that we do. There are so many things that have become habits for us, and we do them because they are the 'right' things to do, but if we try and rewire our thinking and remember that they're the right things to do because it would please Allah swt, then inshallah these small changes will bring huge results.


A Muslimah

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