Saturday, August 13, 2011



I noticed I haven't blogged in a very long time, inshallah I will try to be more consistent in the future. These are just some thoughts I've been having lately about compliments...

I don't know if it's just me but I have always felt that in general girls are not the most sincere when it comes to compliments, and they don't do it often either. We compliment our close friends, but not others, and when we do I feel some jealousy/envy attached to it (which I guess is pretty natural). So I decided that from now on when I see someone with something that I like, or that I think they do well, I will go out of my way to make it known to that person inshallah. I mean everyone likes compliments, right? And I am hoping that it will help me work on my humility in the future insha'Allah. My thought process is that if I freely compliment others (and do it sincerely) that it will break down my own ego or sense of pride. I feel like this  isn't making any sense, but it makes perfect sense in my fail.

Anyways just want to get that out there.

I pray everyone has a wonderful Ramadan full of barakah, and please do not forget the horn of Africa in your duas. There is a lot of hardship going on around the world right now, and I think our Ummah needs to come together to make dua for positive change and to help others as much as we can. Remember Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Palestine, and the rest of the world in need for justice and humanity.

Ramadan Kareem, so let's try to be extra generous as this is the month to give, share, and change our ways.


A Muslimah


  1. Amiin sister, and Ramadan Mubarak! I agree with your thoughts on 'compliments' too. Acknowledging the good in others will not only humble our own egos, but also spread more positive energy around us, which we desperately need in today's world. I have found that being critical of people all the time made me miserable, now that I look for the good in everyone and try to acknowledge it, it makes me happier too. SubhanAllah, we have so much to learn from our prophet's (peace be upon him) beautiful character.

    Peace and blessings sis! :)

  2. Peace and blessings <3 Thank you for that!